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How to Know God Exists: Solid Reasons to Believe in God, Discover Truth, and Find Meaning in Your Life

Tyndale Elevate, 2022

Three questions are etched into everyone’s subconscious: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Josh McDowell and Thomas Williams team up to show why nothing short of God answers these questions. But the problem is that in today’s secularized culture, God has largely been banished.

How to Know God Exists explores in depth solid reasons for believing in God and restoring him to his rightful place in our lives. Josh McDowell is widely known for his powerful defenses of God based on historical and biblical evidences. In this book he and Thomas take a new direction and present often-unexplored but formidable evidences based on sheer reason, observable reality, and solid science. They show that belief in God is not the blind, unthinking, and intellectually indefensible fancy today’s secularism makes it out to be.

How to Know God Exists will:

  • Offer rational defenses for the existence of God, truth, morality, meaning, and reason
  • Open vistas of beauty and joy denied to readers by the sterility of secularism
  • Use reason, logic, experience, and common sense to show that God offers the truth required to make sense of reality and bring meaning and joy to life

By reason and common sense, How to Know God Exists shows that meaning itself is rooted in the existence of God.


Word Publishing, 2005

This companion book to C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia leads readers to discover how these tales beautifully expose a dynamic and loving God who wants his creatures to experience joy and delight. The book helps readers to find and understand the truths Lewis wove into his stories without losing their sense of delight.   Reviewed in Christianity Today as one of the ten best new books on C.S. Lewis.

“Williams brings a sleuth’s cunning, a scholar’s patience, and a child’s wonder to the task,  and leaves us enraptured by Narnia’s magic.” — MARK BUCHANAN

“Williams has a wide grasp of Lewis and incorporates knowledge of Lewis’ literary vision  into his analysis.” — CHRISTIANITY TODAY

“With deep Christian insight and an intuition for what interests his audience, Williams examines and compares the Bible and Narnia.” — CHRISTIAN BOOK PREVIEWS

“Williams cites [Narnia’s] specifically Christian content, such as God’s providence, prayer,  temptation, joy, sin,    Heaven, creation, redemption, God’s love, and other doctrines.” — THE VILLAGE VOICE

“Williams’ easy style would have made Lewis proud, as he never wanted to ‘write down’ to  children.” — INFUZE MAGAZINE

“[Williams] gives both relevant biblical texts and theological discussion…contains interesting  observations about the discomfort many Christians feel with the very idea of pleasure.”— PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


Revell Books (Baker Publishing House, 2004)

This medieval fantasy novel retells the ancient myth of Pygmalion with a surprise twist. A superbly talented, woman-hating sculptor falls in love with is own statue of the ideal woman. But when the statue is brought to simulated life, he is torn between her artificial perfection and the love of a real but flawed woman.

Read the interview of Tom Williams on this and his other novels at: Focus on Fiction.

The Bride of Stone has a good message about finding true beauty beyond the surface.… Another theme Williams portrays nicely is the ease by which anyone can be seduced by evil, despite good intentions…. If there’s a sequel,  I’ll read it.” — INFUZE MAGAZINE

“…The Bride of Stone has something to say not only about the nature of art, but the nature of love. If a man could have a perfect partner, as Eve was to Adam in the beginning, what would that be like?” — CHRISTIAN FICTION REVIEW

“Here is a spellbinding tale of pride, betrayal and ultimate redemption.”      — WRGN NETWORK

“[Readers] will appreciate the medieval fantasy Williams creates….Christian educators and artists of all kinds will particularly appreciate chapter 20, which details a Christian world view of art as it was intended by the Creator, contrasted with art that reflects man’s fallen and sinful nature.” — CHRISTIAN LIBRARY JOURNAL

“…one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read….Reminiscent of both Arthurian legend and Lord of the Rings,  yet told with a gentle grace that far removes any comparison….I did not want the story to end.” — REBECCA WIRE in ROUND TABLE REVIEWS


Word Publishing, 2005

In this sequel to The Bride of Stone, a blacksmith’s apprentice falls in love with a beautiful but troubled maiden, not realizing she is a princess pledged to the cruel and tyrannical heir to the throne. When he learns her true identity, he contrives a way to win her hand. But the cost will be his own honor, and the fate of the kingdom hangs on his decision.

This book is out of print, but new and used copies are available from many internet booksellers.

Available as a Kindle e-book for electronic readers.

“Put Tom Williams up there with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. His first novel is a ‘great’  of the fantasy world.” — THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE

“Magnificent language, stunning imagery, and compelling symbolism…worthy of the most  critical reader.” — ELLEN GUNDERSON TRAYLOR

“We are privileged to enjoy Tom’s skill with a story.” — MAX LUCADO

“Tom Williams has written a Tolkien-like fantasy in The Crown of Eden.” — THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

“…a masterfully-told fantasy comparable both in style and wisdom to the works of George MacDonald,  C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien.  It is a book to be read slowly, and to be savored.”  — CHRISTIAN LIBRARY JOURNAL

“If you like fantasy, it will completely gratify your expectations. Brilliantly written! Thomas Williams is a modern  C.S. Lewis and John Bunyan rolled into one.” — EMILY ALGER on SUITE 101

“Williams delivers a romantic tale examining such topics as fate, free will, and the power of good and evil.  Both fantasy and romance readers will enjoy this first adventure in the Seven  Kingdoms Chronicles series.” — CBA MARKETPLACE MAGAZINE

“Williams’s tale of the ongoing struggle between light and darkness carries a strong moral and religious message that makes this high fantasy adventure a good choice for libraries in search of Christian-oriented fantasy.” — LIBRARY JOURNAL

“My wife and I were overwhelmed by this book.  I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything so much. Warning: once you start it you will find it hard to stop.  I let several things go and read it over a couple of days.  It’s a fine piece of work.” — DR. THOMAS A. LANGFORD, retired  dean of the Graduate School, Texas Tech University


Word Publishing, 2001

In this sequel to The Crown of Eden, a beautiful tradesman’s daughter is seduced by a traveling minstrel and flees to escape execution by religious zealots. Pregnant and alone, she descends into degradation until befriended by a young man escaping political assassination. They fall in love, but fate intervenes to drive them apart forever unless he is willing to face a great evil that threatens the future of the Seven Kingdoms.

This book is out of print, but new and used copies are  available from many internet booksellers.

Available as a Kindle e-book for electronic readers.

“…about a religious monarchy that punishes sinners by dropping them into the mouth of hell….with some reviewers comparing Williams to C.S. Lewis.”— PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“I was immediately caught up in Tom Williams’s The Devil’s Mouth. As a Christian, I was struck by the powerful message to contemporary Christians: God did not create us for legalism. He created us for loving fellowship. The Devil’s Mouth is an engaging exploration of a fantastic and relevant world.”— ANGELA HUNT

“Tom Williams has captured the medieval era with complex detail and page-turning accuracy. Superb characterization held me spellbound throughout the story.” — LORI COPELAND

“Intrigue abounds in this well-crafted tale of heroic sacrifice, romance, and the timeless battle between good and evil. As grace wrestles against legalism, readers will find provocative theological analogies for today’s Christian.” — CBA MARKETPLACE

“Williams creates a world of medieval wonder—a place where honor is the greatest value and love must conquer the rigid legalism that professes to represent God.” — HOMELIFE MAGAZINE


Co-written with Josh McDowell, Tyndale House Publishers, 2003

“Is what I believe really true? Does it really matter?” This book addresses the postmodern uncertainty about our ability to know truth. It exposes the fallacy that all truths are valid and guides readers toward the inescapable conclusion that a single, absolute truth does exist—not merely as a theoretical concept, but in the person of God.

Finalist for the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion Award


Co-written with Josh McDowell, Green Key Books, 2006

Today’s young people are drifting seriously because they no longer believe the central truth of the Bible. This book shows parents and youth workers how to turn this trend around. Combining sound biblical principles with stories, practical suggestions, useful tips, and relevant examples, the authors demonstrate how modeling godlike relationships to youth can meet their deepest needs and lead them to a transforming relationship with God.


Word Publishing, 2005

Subtitled, “An Encounter with the Lion of Narnia, this small, easy-to-read book is designed to lead readers to an understanding of Christ and what he did for them by drawing parallels from The C.S. Lewis character Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia. A short, small-format, a non-threatening, warm-hearted evangelistic tool priced for churches to buy in bulk.

Five months on the Christian Booksellers/Publishers Weekly bestseller list. Two months in the number 2 position.


Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2008

A dark and unbelieving age has come upon the land of Narnia. It is several hundred years after the events of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and memories of Aslan the Lion God have been lost. Narnians are living in an age of practical thinking and zero tolerance of supernatural beliefs. Does this sound familiar? Author Tom Williams contends that our world is going the way of Narnia, and in this booklet he invites the reader to follow Prince Caspian and his small band of believers as they fight to restore Aslan to his rightful throne. Just as Christians need restore Christ in our world.


Meriwether Publishing, 1995

A collection of one- and two-act humorous plays for Christian theater. All are based on biblical stories or themes. Some are set in Bible times, some are in contemporary settings. The plays include: “The Man Who Had It Made” (based on The Rich Fool), “The General Takes a Dip” (Naaman the leper), “Good Ol’ Sam” (the Good Samaritan), “Midnight Choirboys” (Paul and Silas in prison), “Pontius Pilate’s Press Conference”, “The Great Escape” (Peter’s release from prison), “Joe Bob” (the story of Job as a rich Texan), and “Feerce, Penner and Smith” (the parable of the talents).


College Press, 1997

An easy-to-understand guide to what every Christian needs to know about Christianity. This book presents the key doctrines of the Bible such as Creation, Fall, Sin, the meaning of Law, Redemption, the Holy Spirit, the meaning of Pain, and heaven. Williams explains these doctrines in chronological sequence as they occur in the Bible. This gives them logical connection and meaning in the mind of the reader.

This book is out of print, but copies are available from the author.

“Tom Williams’ love for people and for the Word of God has led him to write this book.” — MAX LUCADO


Michael W. Smith with Thomas Williams, Zondervan Publishing House, 2011

Since Michael W. Smith began closing his evening concerts with a simple prayer of blessing woven from Scripture, the response has been overwhelming. His blessing is not a ‘magical’ formula for extracting wealth and possessions from God; he has discovered that God’s blessings are measured more by the flourishing of character in adversity than by the flourishing of stuff. The result of God’s true blessing is overflowing joy and peace. Unfortunately, many are robbed of the promise of blessing because they seek to be blessed more than to bless others. This beautiful work will inspire readers to experience God’s blessing as they seek to bless others, thus discovering the secret to drawing near to the heart of God.


A prophetic novel showing what may happen when political correctness trumps religious freedom.

Under a new civil rights law, single young Christian schoolteacher Vanessa Anderson is charged with a hate crime for counseling a student who wants out of her lesbianism. As media sensationalism brands Vanessa as a bigoted homophobe, her friends and supporters abandon her to protect themselves. Vanessa’s case seems hopeless until attorney Brandon Locke, an ex-boyfriend from college days, offers to defend her. The only problem: he’s agnostic. Yet Locke, who still loves Vanessa, mounts a brilliant defense and uncovers suppressed evidence that leads to the surprising conclusion of the trial.

The story depicts: 

· A wake-up call for Christians to prepare for difficult times that may
   lie ahead.

· What the church may look like when Christianity is muzzled in America.

· The true Christian attitude toward homosexuality: neither bigoted
   nor homophobic. 

· An inspiring picture of a committed Christian facing up to extreme

· The power of Christian community when one member of the body
   is hurting.

· The enormous power of living one’s Christianity before others.

Books Out of Print and No Longer Available


Zondervan, 1976

Christian Attitudes Toward Sex in Art and Entertainment


Lillenas Drama, 1987

Five one-act comedies for Christian theater